Retail Solutions for a Recession

As an old established shop fittings supply company, we are used to observing and responding to changing trends in the shop fittings and display equipment market. However, in the last few years we have noticed a dramatic change in our customers’ attitudes to purchasing. We have found that the effects of the recession have reduced the budgets available for major refits of retail outlets and shaken retailers’ confidence in making such investments. Traditionally, refits would involve wholesale changes, including major joinery projects, such as the replacement of all slatwall panels, floor coverings etc.

Our customers are now looking for more cost-effective solutions, allowing them to create an aesthetically pleasing retail space, whilst minimising disruption and expense.

Many shop fittings suppliers, such as Shopfittings Manchester, now offer ranges of competitively-priced shop fittings and display equipment, which are designed to help fashion retailers and other retail outlets modify their retail spaces dramatically, whilst keeping a lid on costs. These retail solutions include wall-mounted systems, such as “horizon“, “gridwall“¬†and “ladderwall” which are surface-mounted shop fittings; these are attached directly to upright surfaces by means of a few secure fixings. The benefit of this type of fashion display is that the shop fittings are mounted directly to walls, which at the most might only need a lick of paint. It is often also possible to install surface-mounted shop fittings on existing wall space, without the need for any major financial outlay, or disruption to trading.


We have also seen a growing trend for customers to buy freestanding shop fittings such as feature display rails, clothes rails and “totem” (vertical) display products. Most freestanding fashion display rails are very versatile and provide the flexibility to revitalise retail floor space dramatically. This allows fashion retailers to display clothing, using eye-catching and contemporary display equipment, without having to employ expensive shop-fitting companies.

Another main staple of the retail trade, which has been affected by the recession, is the humble carrier bag. Many of our independent retailers are moving away from individual bespoke printed carrier bags and are switching to plain or stock-designed bags. These are not only more competitively priced, but save retailers having to commit to the expense of having large quantities of bags printed, which often tie up vital storage space.


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