Home Storage Solutions

Like many professional shop fittings supply companies, we often receive requests from domestic customers, who need help with garment storage. Many of the products we supply to retailers can also be used in the domestic environment and are normally made with more robust and durable materials than their traditional “homewear” equivalents.


The two main areas where we can normally help are freestanding clothes rails and wall-mounted chrome tube systems.

Retail-quality garment rails are made from heavy grade steel and are available in a range of widths, with options for different types of bases. The height can be adjusted using various extension tubes and centre bars can be added to provide double hanging rails. There is also a variety of accessories available for this range.  Although clothes rails tend to be supplied in the traditional black, chrome, or white, we are sometimes asked to provide them in custom colours. This is something we and other established garment rail suppliers are able to offer, if a viable quantity of rails is ordered.

Double hanging rails and folding rails are often popular with customers, who need to use garment rails on a temporary, or occasional basis (e.g. clothes rails for car boot sales, moving house etc).

Another solution, popular with both professional retailers and home customers, is chrome tube, which provides an option for more permanent installations. Commercial quality chrome tube comes with many fittings, which make the system very flexible. Retail quality chrome tube and fittings are made to withstand the rigours of commercial use and are still very competitively priced when compared with other options for domestic garment hanging and storage. Chrome tube is available in a range of lengths, which can be cut to suit a customer’s individual requirements. The range of chrome tube fittings includes various wall-mounted sockets, brackets and accessories.


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